Wednesday, January 21, 2009


We are currently in the construction administration phase on this contemporary residential project in Toro Canyon in Santa Barbara County. The client for this project is also an architect and we have worked collaboratively. Due to it being in a “very high fire area” this project was designed with fire resistance as an important part of the design concept. Obviously the recent Tea fire has only helped to reinforce how important it is to design with fire resistance in mind. This 7,500 square foot residence is constructed of poured-in-place concrete walls with corrugated metal roofs. The house was designed with much consideration for the long sequence of arrival as one travels up through the canyon to get to the site. Upon arrival you enter a clearing which faces toward the ocean and descend on the house from above. The house was designed around this particular approach. The roofs were rigorously worked so that they are free of vents and other visual obstructions. The house is a configuration of two volumes that are connected in the middle with an entry piece made entirely of glass. The west volume contains the public living spaces, and the east volume contains the private part of the program. The project is scheduled to finish in July of this year and is being built by Paul Franz Construction. We have built many projects with Paul over the years and are happy to get to do another home with him and his crew.

… Robin Donaldson, AIA

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